Demonstration Website

What is your policy on retention of data uploaded to the website?

Data that has been loaded successfully into i2b2 will remain on our servers until you replace it with a new data upload or until you request deactivation of your account. If you wish for us to delete your data at any time, send an email to the address on the Contact page and we will honor your request. Datasets that did not load successfully due to an error will be deleted periodically during an automated cleanup process. For more information on how your data is processed, stored and deleted, send an e-mail to help [at] eurekaclinical [dot] org with your questions.


What is your policy on data privacy?

Our policy is not to release your personal information or datasets to anyone. We may disclose to parties outside Eureka! Clinical Analytics if disclosure is needed to comply with a law, regulation or compulsory legal request. While we make every effort to ensure the quality of our software, it is possible that a software flaw may cause data to be disclosed accidentally. You agreed to accept this liability when you accepted the site's End User Agreement. We may collect summary statistics on the usage of this site for the purpose of reporting to funding agencies, Emory University and internal monitoring. No identifying information or data will be included in those reports.


How do I delete my user account?

Please send an email to help [at] eurekaclinical [dot] org with your request, and we will deactivate your account and delete any data that you have uploaded to the site.