The Team

This software has been developed by the Department of Biomedical Informatics at Emory University.

Project Lead

Andrew Post, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor and Clinical Informatics Architect, Dept. of Biomedical Informatics

Senior Stakeholders

Lance Waller, PhD
Professor and Chair, Dept. of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics; Interim Chair, Dept. of Biomedical Informatics
Dedra Cantrell, RN
Chief Information Officer, Emory Healthcare

Project Team

Richie Willard
Project Manager
Himanshu Rathod
Technical Lead
Michel Mansour, MS
Software Engineer
Akshatha Kalsanka Pai, MS
Software Engineer
Mike Torian
Data Warehouse Engineer

Stony Brook University Team

Joel Saltz, MD, PhD
Professor and VP for Informatics
Tahsin Kurc, PhD
Associate Professor, Dept. of Biomedical Informatics

Project Team Alumni

Terry Willey, RN
IT Director
Sharath Cholleti, PhD
Research Scientist (Machine Learning)
Jingjing Gao, PhD
Research Scientist (Biostatistics)
Xia Lin, PhD
Suzanne Sturm
Web Designer
Michael Brown
Software Engineer
Geoff Milton, MS
Software Engineer
Sanjay Agravat, MS
Software Engineer